Types of Photography

Every turn you make, someone has a smartphone or a camera in hand ready to capture the moment. Photography has become a hobby for many and a necessity for some. With social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram, it is not a wonder that photography is growing by the day.

For those who are beginners in professional photography, you would need to pick a specialization over time. There are different types of photography to choose from. Some of them include:


Photojournalism, as the name suggests, is photography that is carried out specifically for the purpose of journalism. The photographer covers live events that are then used in publications or the news. If you look at a newspaper, you find photos. The same is true of informative magazines. These photos come from photojournalists.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is as the name suggests. It focuses on everything to do with fashion. This could be clothes, shoes or accessories. For this type of photography, one needs lights, make up and models to make it work. There is a lot of photography equipment that comes in handy to create the perfect lighting conditions to make the photos look their best.

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography focuses on buildings. There is no limit when it comes to the type of photos that one can take. They could be based on interiors or exteriors. They could also capture different building angles. For this type of photography, the greatest challenge is the light since photographers have to work with natural light. The other challenge comes with distortions as the angles one chooses ultimately contribute to how the building will appear on camera. And on the security purposes, the building needs a lot of cctv camera.

Documentary Photography

Documentary photography deals with telling stories. It could be about a celebrity, wars, crises and other social issues. The idea is to take a series of photographs over a duration of time. Each of these photographs tells a story about the issue at hand. When dealing with people, it would be best to have a chat with them about their life and passions. This way, you do not capture something that does not represent their normal lives.

Candid Photography

This encompasses various other subdivisions of photography. A good example is wedding photography. For this type of photography, you want to capture your subjects in their natural elements. They should not know that you are taking photos of them. This helps to get natural photos that one has not posed for.

Sport Photography

If you are interested in fast paced subjects, then sport photography is for you. It involves taking photos of people engaging in different sporting activities. The challenges of shooting moving objects cannot be overlooked. You need to get the lighting and other settings right to get the perfect shots.


There are many types of photography that you can choose from. These are just some of them. Find something that you are inclined towards and you will probably end up focusing on that type of photography after a while. In the beginning, however, try out various types. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you are good at.

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