Qualities of a Good Photographer

When you are looking for a good photographer, you need to first know the qualities to look for. This way, you can confidently choose a photographer who suits your needs. The qualities that you ought to look for in every photographer include:

Skilled and Experienced

A good photographer is skilled and experienced. Skill refers to the knowledge that they have in photography. Do they know how to use a camera? How long have they been behind a camera? Do they know how to use different types of equipment in conjunction with the camera in order to capture a great picture? All these are very relevant questions. On the other hand, experience refers to their time in photography. The longer the time that a photographer has been taking pictures, the better they are likely to be. Such photographers have gained additional skills from interacting with their cameras and subjects. Experience is valuable.

Creative and Artistic

After the basic knowledge, every photographer needs to be creative and artistic. Photography is a form of art and therefore the artistic side of it cannot be ignored. If you find a photographer who is rigid and cannot think outside the box, that is your cue to leave. A good photographer is able to see many shots and angles in the same photograph. When you express your desire or requirements for your pictures, you will want to have someone who pitches different ideas on how to take the photo until you settle on the best one.

Knowledgeable in Various Techniques

A good photographer is also versatile. There was a time when people would specialize in one area of their trade and get away with it. However, you cannot do the same nowadays. You need to have various skills even in your specialization in order to be of great value. The same applies to photographers. Can the photographer take wedding, birthday, portrait or even newborn pictures? How good is the photographer at each of those specializations? That way, if your wedding photographer did a great job on your wedding, you would want to get their services for your maternity or ‘baby bump’ shoot. This saves you the hassle of vetting other photographers in a bid to find a good newborn or birthday photographer. You also know the type of work ethic and quality of work that you can expect.

People Skills

A good photographer must have good people skills. A good part of professional photography deals with people. Unless one is taking pictures of inanimate objects or animals, photographers primarily deal with people. A photographer must then know how to talk to people, make them feel comfortable, give directions and get directions as well. A rude, inconsiderate or tardy photographer is not the best to work with.


With these qualities, you can find a great photographer since you know what to look for. On the other hand, if you are a photographer, you know the qualities that you need to pay the most attention to.



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